Masterclass Weekend Initiative

About the Event

IBC: Bringing Ballet Master Star Power to Delaware County

To all ballet students attending tri-state area schools and to their schools' Faculty members: this September we offer a rare and exciting opportunity to additionally improve your ballet training! 

World-renown Ballet Masters come together exclusively for our Masterclass Weekend Initiative:

  • Larissa Ponomarenko: Baller Master of Boston Ballet, Company's Principal Dancer for 17 years 
  • Gennadi Saveliev: Artistic Director and Founder of YAGP, former Soloist of American Ballet Theater
  • David Fernandez: award-winning NYC-based choreographer from Mexico 
  • Anna Liceica: retired Soloist, American Ballet Theater 
  • Humberto Texeira: award-winning Brazilian choreographer, New Jersey Ballet 

These top dance professionals will offer:

  • comprehensive classes in their field of expertise: Ballet and Pointe, Variations, Contemporary, Jazz, and Hip Hop
  • advice for competitions
  • over 6 hours of dancing each day throughout Saturday and Sunday

Masterclasses will take place at the Fred P. Meagher Theatre of Neumann University, on September 16th and 17th.

IBC is a not for profit 501 (c)(3) committed to producing quality opportunities in the performing arts to the local community. We are not affiliated with any local school and students will not be solicited. Our goal is to have students' dance training heightened by exposing them to professionals.



There are numerous benefits to Masterclasses and intensive learning.

For students:

  • showcasing your talent to professionals can offer you the feedback necessary to further your career;
  • experiencing new choreography, corrections, combinations can enhance your knowledge and make you a well rounded dancer;
  • unlike ballet conventions and competition master classes these classes are designed to be smaller so you can can receive individual attention from the teachers

For local teachers:

  • in-class observations of renown Ballet Masters offer you valuable information and a space to reflect on your work as a teacher;
  • take time to observe how your students take corrections from master teachers: it will bring out the best in your own teaching style;
  • watch how different styles are approached—Classical to Balanchine variations, Contemporary, Stretch, Jazz, Hip Hop, Improvisations—and how your students adapt to these different styles;
  • learn what companies and competitions are looking for in a student 

For ballet moms:

  • enjoy this rare and exciting opportunity to observe your child while he or she is working hard with world-class Ballet Masters, taking in thoughtful corrections and improving at his/her favorite an art form; 
  • use this as a great bonding moment as you discuss your observation of their class 


Registration Process

Download (see button in the right hand side menu) and fill out our Registration Form. Scan the filled out form and email it to 

Additional Enquiries 

Please do not hesitate to also email us at with any any additional questions or concerns. All emails will be answered within 2 working days. 


Observation Rules

Nota Bene: 

  • No videotaping or photographing is allowed for any part of the Masterclasses. IBC has arranged for a professional photographer and videographer specialized in ballet to work the event.
  • No cell phones will be allowed in the theater.
  • Failure to comply with these policies will result in being asked to leave the theater with no refund of your Observation Fee. 



IBC reserves the right to make changes to Masterclass Weekend Schedule and Faculty. In the event of such emergency with one of our teachers he or she will be replaced with another master teacher of equal caliber. 


Masterclass Weekend is an initiative created under the patronage of Neumann University and The Arts Guild