Community Outreach

and Ticket Giveaways


IBC presents lecture demonstrations and educational seminars on the art of classical dance to various audiences. Lectures and seminars are designed to introduce this fine art for first time audience members and enhance the dance experience for the ballet aficionado. Presentations have been held at fine universities and colleges such as: Arcadia University, Rosemont College, and Neumann University to name a few.


Pre-K and elementary students experience dance through audience participation programs. Senior communities, libraries, and local community organizations are provided dance education and demonstration.


For thousands of years, dance has been the cultural gatekeeper that preserves and encompasses the history of a culture. It is also the art form that helps bridge a gap between cultures. The history of dance, the development of form and expression, and the aesthetic beauty of the art are all part of our programs. Each program is designed to fit audiences' needs and preferences.



As a nonprofit, charitable organization, our mission is to ensure that the art of dance is made available to a wide and diverse population.


Throughout the years we have offered free or reduced-price tickets for full-length performances, dance festivals, and dance programs to underserved communities and organizations that work with families and youth groups.


We have provided free demonstrations for youth groups and church communities, and assisted aspiring dance artists with partial scholarships.


If your organization is interested in this opportunity, please feel free to contact us.