Multicultural DanceFest

A New Tradition in the Making

In March 2017 IBC presented its first annual Multicultural Dance Festival.

The program showcased the vibrant spirit of the diverse cultural communities in Delaware County. Six styles of dance—Ukrainian, Russian, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Flamenco—were presented by six professionally trained companies: Chinese, Flamenco, Russian, Ukrainian, North and South Indian dances.


  • Huaxia Great Valley Chinese School
  • International Ballet Theater
  • Little Mulan Dance Troupe
  • Melody Group
  • Nardhana Academy of Dance
  • Rita Dance Academy



IBC is excited about these collaborations. Part of our mission is to promote cultural dances from around the world. We provide a platform for both dance professionals and dance lovers to show dance to all people.


Enjoy the dance descriptions, some historical context, and the photos in our News section.